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What the heck is Labadoo? is probably the question ur askin urself right now...well, Labadoo is a word that I made up and am ovrly obsessed with sayin...Labadoo as a word can mean anything, so, for example, I could say: Lala, ur such a Labadoo!, meaning :Lala, ur such a flower, or, really anything!  I know it's really random, but, if you know me, random is my middle name...wait, no, it's Savannah...anywho, so that's Labadoo as a word...Labadoo as a creature is the cousin of Sea Noodle...doesn't really help u picture him, does it? well, lets just say, he sorta looks like a squigly line with eyes and a Hawaiian tshirt...random, i know, but now u know what Labadoo is!!! Wasnt it worth it?! Dont respond to that...jk, lol. 


So, yes, I'm random. All of ya'll have learned that by now, but I'm not always random...sumtimes I'm funny...(ask my friends, they'll disagree...) well, at least i have good taste in funny these videos!

Here's Avik's randomly awesome one...go Avik!!! (i think it's insanely hilarious!!!)

This one is I think is Corrie and Jordan's best...(thats a real acomplishment, no joke) i like it, but none of these videos wont be weird, so buckle up ur seat belts!

This one is so funny! Watch the kid's face when his mom comes in!!!

This is hilarious! lol! ul love it!!! You better watch out for this Kung-fu baby!!!

OMG! This video is so stupidly hilarious!!!!

LOL! This is hilarious!!! This is one smart baby!!!!

Babies, babies, and more babies, i know, but this one actually is hilarious!!!

Interviewing Random People!!!

I'm starting a new segment called "Interviewing random People..." and it interviews totally random people of my choice...this week's interview is on Ally!!!

Here are the questions:

1. What's your full name?
2. Were you my friend when I first made up and started saying labadoo?

3. What do you think of labadoo?
4. If you had to make up a word/creature like labadoo, what would it be?
5. Do you think I was :a.weird b.creative or c.stupid, for making up labadoo?
6. What would be one word todescribe a friend?
7. What is one food that you'll always eat, no matter what mood your in or, whenever?
8. What is the one food that you'll eat on anything?
9. Do you have a crush on any1? Who? (we all know this one...)
10.What's you're favorite thing to do when you're bored?
11.Whats your favorite song?
12.Whats your favorite thing to do when on a computer?
13.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


Here are the answers:

. Alyssa M. Cox
2. Yes! I was ur friend whe u made up labadoo!

3. Labadoo is a strange but cool creature and very random word.
4......ummmm.....idk??? answer is d. alll the answers!
6. There is no one word....,because u r such a great friend and u r just awesome!....i lylas u!
7. Subway sandwitch
9. Chris
10.Hang w/friends or go outside and do something
11. My fav. song is @ the moment is Should've said no by Taylor Swift,but truly dont hav a fav song!

12. EmAil!!!!!!!!
13.I dont really know 4 sure, but whatever God has in store for me!


Thank's, Ally, for being interviewed this week! Be sure to keep watching this site for next week's interview!!!

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